2008-04-26 05:49:03 by strangelyspammed

Commandos 2 is finished. Check it out!


2008-02-27 15:53:41 by strangelyspammed

I made a freewebs site, its crap but hell with it:


And an update on Commandos for anyone who cares..

Likely release date: Around 10th March?

Commandos of 200BC

2008-02-11 16:07:41 by strangelyspammed

A score of around 2.30 means that my new series Commandos of 200BC will be continued. The next episode will feature everything the first didn't have. It should be released late February or early March.


2007-11-01 16:35:43 by strangelyspammed

Yay my first animation, NlueOne is almost finished. It's basically a fight but not sticks...